Wednesday, December 1, 2010


ways how to generate traffic to a website blog facebook.

To generate High Traffic to a website is not a difficult task provided one gives 10 minutes a day to submit their website at different web directories, classifieds and other places from where you could possibly pull web traffic.

I can give you a average --Every day 10 minutes for 1 month. Submit your site to 2 web directories and 2 online classifieds every day. Your website traffic will increase from 0 to 250 unique visitors a day.
Well this is calculated and satistically proven and seen for almost all the websites who do that.

To get you started we can recommend you to some web directories and classifieds and from there you can get started with the 1 month process.
I would name web directories which have been indexed by google.

to get started

to check if they rank on page 1 on google type keywords.....

how to create backlinks and improve pagerank
paid url submissions

Note it: well they are not paid but they have option of payment if you want to be indexed and listed within a day. else the process takes like a week.
Fair enough... its not too long..without payment.

Once you are through this we will proceed further with other directories.

Your seo consultant.

Paula America
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